26 Tongan nationals on repatriation flight in quarantine

A total of 26 Tongan nationals are undergoing 14-days of mandatory quarantine at the designated facility after they arrived in the country on a repatriation flight.

The flight was chartered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) to bring back missionaries, university students and citizens who were stranded in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. 

All passengers were required to produce a medical certificate from a doctor before boarding the aircraft last Saturday. 

Returning passengers will be tested for COVID-19 at Tanoa International Dateline Hotel.  

They are undergoing 14 days of quarantine at the hotel followed by one-week home quarantine. 

The government is continuing to work on plans to repatriate Tongan nationals who are stranded overseas, including those countries where COVID-19 cases have again, increased.