3 men arrested for possession of methamphetamine and cannabis

Tonga’s police have arrested 3 men in separate drug-related cases.

Last Wednesday, police executed a search warrant at a home in Kolomotu’a and arrested a 45 year old man from Nukunuku.

The suspect allegedly had one pack (0.40grams) of the illicit drug methamphetamine or ICE.

He has been charged with possession of illicit drugs.

Another 35 year old man from Kolomotu’a was also arrested with 6 packs (3.46grams) of methamphetamine (ICE).

He has also been charged with possession of illicit drugs.

Both accused will appear at the Magistrate Court this week.

In the third case, a search warrant was executed last Friday at a home in Ha’akame.

This resulted in the arrest of a 33 year old man who allegedly had 45 packs of cannabis and one pack of over hundred cannabis seeds.

He has been charged with possession of illicit drugs and will appear in the Magistrates Court this week.

“Tonga Police are committed to disrupt and detect the supply of drugs where thereby preventing the harm this illegal activity causes. It only takes one call to Police to stop crime and the availability of drugs in your community,” said Acting Chief Superintendent Tevita Vailea.