56 earthquakes in Tonga in February

The Tonga Geological Service reported a total of 56 earthquakes occurring within the kingdom in February.

According to the latest Geological Service Bulletin, these are felt earthquakes and earthquakes that were not felt but have magnitudes which are greater than or equal to four.

There were 30 shallow-focus earthquakes with an average magnitude of 4.8.

Three were intermediate focus earthquakes with 4.6 average magnitude and 16 were deep-focus earthquakes with 4.5 average magnitude.

Tonga Geological Service said 7 were felt earthquakes but their magnitudes and depths were unknown.

The highest magnitude for earthquakes detected by monitoring system in February was 6.1 and the lowest was 4.1.

There were 9 felt events reported for the month.

The earthquake on 17 February was felt only by Vava’u residents.

The earthquake on 25 February was only felt in Niuatoputapu.

The other seven earthquakes were not detected by the monitoring system but were reported by residents of Niuafo’ou when they felt the ground shaking.

According to TGS, the earthquakes were likely to occur within the vicinity of Niuafo’ou as they were only felt by its residents.

These earthquakes were most likely not detected due to its very shallow depth and low magnitude.

Niuafo’ou is one of Tonga’s active volcanic islands and is being closely monitored for volcanic activity given the frequency of earthquakes.


Photo Tonga Geological Service