7 arrested, rifles seized over drug offences in Tonga

Six men and a woman have been arrested for drug-related offences in Tonga.

The Police Drugs Enforcement Taskforce also confiscated two unlicensed firearms, including a .22 long rifle and an air operated long rifle, 4.56 grams of cannabis and drug utensils.

The arrests were made at different locations including Ha‘ateiho, Puke, Mataika and Houmakelikao  in Tongatapu between 18 – 21 May.

Criminal charges for illicit drugs and firearms have been laid and all seven accused will appear in court at a later date.

Police said, “The Police Drugs Enforcement Taskforce continues to double down on targeting drug dealers and holding them to account and removing drugs from our communities to minimize the harmful effect they have on our people. We encourage anyone who may have any information relating to drug offending to contact police on 7401660 or 922.”


Photo Caption: Tonga Central Police Station   Source: FILE Photo