All but two nobles re-elected in Tonga

All but two of the Noble's Representatives in Tonga's parliament have been re-elected.

The nine seats set aside for nobles are voted for by the hereditary nobles and five life peers.

Lord Fakafanua replaces Lord Tu'iha'ateiho as a Ha'apai representative while the Tongatapu nobles Vaea and Vaha'i were tied and their seat will be decided by coin toss this evening.

Over 59,000 people registered to vote for the other 17 People's Representatives, with provisional votes for those seats due later tonight.

The election comes a year earlier than scheduled after the King dissolved Parliament because of concerns over the government's conduct.

The final count for the Noble's seats:

Niuas - Lord Fusitu'a with three votes.

'Eua - Lord Nuku (10)

- Lord Lasike (4)

Ha'apai - Lord Tu'iha'angana (5)

- Lord Fakafanua (3)

Vava'u - Lord Tuilakepa ( 6)

- Lord Tuiafitu (5)

Tongatapu - Lord Tuivakano (12)

- Lord maafu (11)

- Lord Vaea & Vaha'i (tied on seven votes)


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