Arrest by Immigration NZ draws compassion from Tongan community

The arrest of a Tongan man in Katikati, New Zealand has drawn compassion among family and members of the community on social media.

It was claimed the man overstayed his visa when he appeared in court yesterday.

A Tongan community leader in Katikati told Kaniva News if anyone in the community had any problems with living in New Zealand and needed help they could contact her on 07 5493134.

‘Ana Kava, who has sponsored many Tongans to come to New Zealand and worked in the orchards at Bay of Plenty said she understood Immigration New Zealand was raiding areas in Katikati and had made arrests yesterday.

She said she could not bear to visit those who had been detained.

Viliami Tu’akalau Moala of Tauranga posted photos on Facebook with a caption saying it was he and his older brother after he was arrested by Immigration New Zealand.

He said his brother was scheduled to appear in court this morning.

Moala was emotional and asked Tongans on Facebook to pray for his brother.

He suspected somebody in the community had reported his brother to Immigration New Zealand.

Some Facebook users took to the comment section to share their compassion.

“Ofa atu kihe tokoua koeni mou talamonu atu kihe teu e hopo oku fai ofa atu toko.”

Translated: Send my love to this brother and good luck for his court case. Love you brother.

“Tuku pe Hoo falala kihe otua ke kau ae otua he gaahi feiga Oku fai kene fakafaigamalie gaahi mea kotoa sii ofa lahi atu kiho fofoga.”

Translated: Trust in God and engage Him to facilitate everything you are fighting for. Huge love to you.

Some commentators were infuriated by the allegation Moala’s brother was reported to Immigration New Zealand by members of the community.

“Hai kakai nau kei fai aga taeofa koia ofa tukua aga koia he ikai oc paaga nz alu o gaue ke mau hao dola kae tuku kakai kemau hanau moui.”

Translated: Who are these hateful people for God’s sake stop it as money in New Zealand won’t be scarce go and find a job to earn a living and let the people (overstayers) make their own living.