Australia provides AUD6.75 million support to Tonga

Australia channelled AUD6.75 million to the Government of Tonga to support them in navigating the fiscal impacts of COVID-19.

AUD1.75 million of this funding is Australia’s annual budget support to the achievements of the JPRM, and AUD 5 million is additional budget support from Australia's Fiscal Crisis Window.

The funding will go towards avoiding long-term and unsustainable debt, securing a strong economy for Tonga’s future.

Australia is supporting the Government of Tonga and Tonga Power Ltd continue to upgrade power networks in Nuku’alofa to be safer, more reliable and climate resilient.

Australia has committed AUD5.3 million to the Nuku’alofa Network Upgrade Project which will directly benefit urban households and businesses and support economic growth in the energy sector.


Photo supplied Australia HC