Autopsy results expected this weekend in Polikalepo Kefu’s alleged homicide case

Tonga’s Health Ministry has confirmed to Kaniva News that autopsy results on the cause of the death of human rights activist Polikalepo Kefu are expected this weekend.

Kefu was allegedly murdered near his home in Lapaha on 1 May.

It is understood Kefu’s body will be released to his family tomorrow.

It will be followed by a funeral mass for Kefu which will be held at the Sangato Mikaele church in Lapaha at 3pm.

A 27-year-old man charged in connection with his death is expected to appear on May 19, at the Magistrate’s Court in Mu’a.

Kefu,41, was known for his work with Tonga’s Red Cross, the local media association, and as a voice for youth.

He is remembered as a fierce humanitarian rights activist and was well recognised for his tireless devotion to a wide range of human rights causes.

As Kaniva News reported earlier this week, the huge flow of tributes to his death not only in Tonga but from overseas has been likened to the proverb which says “you can tell the tree by the fruit it bears”.

Kefu was a true leader in the community especially the youth, said Lapaha Community Leader Kapeli Lanumata.

“He was active in the Catholic church and its groups such as the Divine Mercy and St Vincent de Paul.

Lanumata described Kefu as “humble and a true asset” for the Lapaha community, where he grew up.

“He dreamed for a better Lapaha,” Lanumata said.

“His death was truly felt in the community since he was a leading figure in everything he did”.

Lanumata said Kefu’s older brothers moved overseas, leaving him to take care of his sisters and their children including a sister who was handicapped. Kefu’s parents passed away.

A candlelight vigil was held in south Auckland last week to remember Kefu’s death.