China donates medical equipment to Tonga

The Government of China has donated medical equipment to the Ministry of Health in Tonga at Vaiola Hospital.

During the handover ceremony Monday, China’s Ambassador to Tonga Cao Xiaolin said Tonga and China are good brothers and sisters who always help take good care of each other.

“As Tonga responds to the global pandemic, our hearts go out to our Tongan brothers and sisters. China reciprocates the kindness and stretch our helping hands to Tonga. We concern what our Tongan friends concern and put ourselves into your shoes. We gathered medical supplies through various channel at very short time.’’

The supplies include 100 pieces of infrared thermometers, 500 units of diagnostic kits, 2700 pieces of medical disposable protective garments, 1000 pieces of medical isolation shoe covers, 2000 pieces of disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves, 1000 pieces of medical disposable face shields, 1500 pieces of medical protective goggles, 74700 pieces of various face masks and 260 units of hand sanitizer gels.

China also donated US$250,000 in cash in the name of China – Pacific Island Countries Joint COVID-19 Response Fund.

Minister for Health Associate Professor Dr. ‘Amelia Afuha’amango Tu’ipulotu said this support is critically important in this time of global shortages and most importantly they arrive in critical time to assist Tonga’s preparedness for COVID-19.

She also expressed her sincere gratitude on behalf of the Prime Minister of Tonga and the Government of Tonga to the Government and People of China for their continuous support to the Ministry of Health and the Kingdom.

“You have been behind us through all this time, our partnership in dignity is a showcase of “Takanga ‘Etau Fohe” Collaboratively Rowing the Way towards Our Sustainable Challenging Future in the World.