Coastal clean-up and coastal tree planting in Tonga

Members of communities in western Tongatapu planted trees and cleaned up the coastal areas as part of the National Climate Change Awareness Week 2020 programme.

The residents were from Kolovai, ‘Ahau, Kanokupolu and Ha’atafu communities.

The programme emphasizes communities in the Western District which are vulnerable to coastal erosion due to sea level rise and high tides to engage in a coastal clean-up and coastal tree planting.

The Vulnerability and Adaptation Division highlighted the tree planting by distributed coastal plants including Telie, Fotulona, Fao and Touhuni with a total of twenty (20) plants for each community who participated to help prevent coastal erosion.

The Vulnerability and Adaptation Division of the Department of Climate Change under the Ministry of MEIDECC led the programme on Wednesday morning.

The Parliament Representative of Tongatapu 5 Losaline Ma’asi, Hihifo District Officer, Town Officers and communities of Kolovai, ‘Ahau, Kanokupolu and Ha’atafu,Tonga National Youth Congress, Live & Learn, Tonga Community DevelopmentTrust, Tongatapu 5 Youth Council, Natural Resource Division Ridge to Reef Project, Department of Environment, Fo’ituluta Women’s Group, Tonga Development Bank Staff and Department of Climate Change participated in the programme.


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