Containers to help families in Tonga continue to flow in

Containers filled with donations, continue to flow into disaster-stricken Tonga, sent from its diaspora around the world.

This week a container of drums filled with non-perishable goods arrived at Nuku'alofa's port, from the Seattle Tongan Relief Committee in Washington State, America.

Secretary Toka Valu said his organisation has received extensive support, and they're aiming to maintain continuous aid to the Kingdom.

"Folks were reaching out and just providing 'hey, we have this, this and this, not sure if you have anything organised right not but we love to support what you’re doing.

There were a lot of lessons we learned along the way, but I think we have systems in place that I think...knowing this recovery is going to take years, it's not just a one time deal," Valu said.


Photo Seattle Tongan Relief Committee/Facebook  Caption: Donations arrive at Nuku'alofa Port from the Seattle Tongan Relief Committee