Digicel Tonga Sponsors University South Pacific Debate Competition

Digicel is one of the major sponsors of the Debate Competition 2020 for the University of the South Pacific Tonga Campus, covering the cost for live television broadcasting of the Debate Competition valued at TOP$2,250.

Digicel Tonga Acting CEO, Ragigia Dawai, said, “We are proud to partner with USP-Tonga Campus on its annual debate competition for the first time in order to support such an initiative that will inspire young Tongans to become critical thinkers in life and be an influence of change in the community.”

Digicel introduced one of the debate topics for the first round, which was on the impact of COVID-19 on e-learning. The panel of judges includes Digicel.

Dr. Robin Havea, Campus Director, said, “We appreciate the generosity that Digicel has shown to enable us to broadcast the debate rounds to reach also the outer islands.”

The first round of the Debate Competition started last Friday and will continue through this semester.