Drivers drinking under the influence a concern in Tonga

The Tonga Police Force is concerned with the drink driving crisis after 95 out of 705 drivers stopped from 8-10 June.

This after they were tested to be driving under the influence of alcohol in Tongatapu.

The force issued a report that stated 10% of 504 drivers stopped over the weekend in the first week of June were DUI.

Tonga Police said they will continue to enforce their focus on the issue as road users’ lives matter, particularly for passengers.

 “Police are more concerned about the number of passengers these 95 people had. Only four didn’t have any, as the rest had two to four passengers on average.

Police Commissioner Shane McLennan said “We urge the public, particularly passengers of drunk drivers to refrain from encouraging their friends or family member to continue driving while out partying and drinking. If your driver is driving under the influence of alcohol, you can help by encouraging yourselves to catch a taxi or call a sober family or friend for pick up.”

“Let me remind you that you are not that friend or a family member to receive a late-night call from the morgue but be that friend or family member who picks up members from a late-night drink because death to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one test you can’t afford to fail!"