Four Tonga Police officers suspended

Tonga Commissioner of Police Stephen Caldwell has suspended four police officers from police duty.

Two on-duty police officers were suspended Wednesday for drinking alcohol while patrolling in a police vehicle on Sunday 19 January 2020, where they also picked up two off-duty police officers to continue drinking while on patrol.

Commissioner Caldwell said, “The public rightly expect the highest levels of professionalism and ethical behaviour from their police officers. There is absolutely no tolerance for unlawful and ill-disciplined behavior. Every police officer is accountable to the law, not above it.”

“We have seen a significant reduction of crime and road toll from good work by good police officers working with the community, and I will not tolerate having their reputation sullied by the actions of a few.”

Since 2015, Commissioner Caldwell has suspended 50 police officers from police duty. Thirty-three (33) officers were suspended for criminal offences and seventeen (17) for disciplinary matters. “Standards have been set and I expect them to be met,” he said.