German tourist’s body found in ‘Eua repatriated

The body of the Jazz singer who claimed a psychic white whale spoke to her in a “vision” has been returned to her home country of Germany.

Marina Trost, 43, from Osterhofen,in Bavaria went missing in Tonga while diving off ‘Eua on Sunday, August 11, 2019.

Local fishermen discovered her body on a beach on the north west coastline of ‘Eua a month later.

Kaniva News reports the finding came after a Tonga Police search and rescue team joined by local divers failed to find any trace of the missing woman.

Trost’s body was referred to a coroner at Vaiola hospital for official identification process.

It is understood, DNA test which was processed overseas delayed the release of her body until last week.

 Trost had earlier claimed one of the marine giants visited her while she was meditating and told her to make a unique documentary about whale music.

She has spent the last few months together with a film crew diving around Tongatapu, to film for her project ‘Ama’ara – The Song of the Whales’.

Marina Trost’s mother Erna, 81, was reported by UK’s The Sun as saying: “I fear my daughter has been ripped away by the current. Not knowing what happened is proving very difficult for me.”

On her website Marina describes how she was inspired to do the project while meditating, the paper reported.

She said: “In February 2017, I started meditating in my apartment in Munich, in Germany.

“I closed my eyes and within a few seconds a very big eye appeared, followed by the incredibly beautiful and impressive body of a huge white whale.

“‘She’ introduced herself and immediately started to communicate with me. The next moment I received from her what I call a ‘download’.”

She described the download as a message, which was essentially: “We want you to come to us, out on the ocean, sing with us and do a documentary film about it.”