Insurance claims in NZ from Tonga volcanic eruption close to NZ$6-million

Initial insurance claims filed within New Zealand, in relation to damaged caused by the tsunami following the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai eruption last month total almost $6-million NZD ($5,876,560).

This figure is an aggregate from 60 claims.

Forty-nine of the claims relate to marine craft totalling nearly $2 million ($1,947,282) with four commercial damage claims totalling almost $4 million ($3,862,640).

The claims are focused on the surge wave through Tutukaka marina, which resulted in several vessels being sunk and many other boats being damaged as well as causing extensive damage to marina infrastructure.

The Insurance Council of New Zealand's Chief Executive Tim Grafton said that while members worked quickly to manage the situation at the marina and settle claims, their thoughts remain with "our Pacific neighbours who have seen catastrophic damage which will take much longer to recover from."