Japan assists Tonga with disaster preparedness

The Government of Japan has funded the construction of the National Early Warning System (NEWS) to help Tonga prepare for natural hazards and likely disasters.

The NEWS is going to be housed in the new Tonga Broadcasting Commission building being built in Fasi.

With the latest in technology, the new system is expected to cover 100 percent of Tonga and will be able to send out tsunami warning sirens through special radios that have also been distributed countrywide.

The system will also be able to reach out to all radio wavelengths in the Kingdom.

The new system will be able to send out warning signals and sirens within 8 minutes, compared to the 90 minutes it currently takes to do that.

Minister of Environment Poasi Tei was special guest at a site visit with members of the local media earlier this week.

The visit was organized by the Japanese Embassy in Tonga.