More Data With Digicel Prime Ma’alahi Bundles

Digicel Tonga today introduces its latest and largest data bundle plan for its customers.

The new super-sized Prime Maalahi Bundles offers 45GB for $10 valid 7 days and 188GB for $20 valid 30 days.

Anthony Seuseu, Digicel Tonga’s CEO said, “We are proud to be giving away more data for better digital experiences on our Prime Ma’alahi Bundles. We’re offering simply more data than ever before to enrich our customers digital lives every hour every day.”

For each Prime Ma’alahi Bundle, data is allocated to ‘Any Use’ data and to the six bundle apps -Billo, Bip, D’Music, GoLoud, Loop and PlayGo- in order for customers to enjoy more TV & movies, music, messages, news, radio and more.