More Tongan studies pursue further education in Fiji

More students from Tonga came to study at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji, after the establishment of Apitonga in Suva in 2008.

The Chair of the executive committee and steward of the Apitonga, Kisione Finau said,”Students were growing in numbers and the elders decided to have their Tongan language Sunday service held not only once a month but every Sunday here in Fiji,”

Finau made the comment about the significance about the Apitonga Multipurpose Hall at an opening ceremony in Suva yesterday.  

Finau said in the early 1990’s the Tongan community leaders realized that it was critical to establish a church and after a series of meetings they were successful in establishing the church which is now called the Suva Tongan Church.

“In 2008, we bought the property with the objective to fulfill their vision, Api means home, a place where you are welcome,” he said.

“Api Tonga will make them feel as if they are in Tonga and it makes them feel they have ownership.”