No decision yet in Tonga's extradition bid of Fletcher

RNZ reports the federal court in Honolulu is still to decide on the extradition to Tonga of a US citizen Dean Jay Fletcher who is wanted for allegedly killing his wife last July on the couple's boat Sea Oak.

Mr Fletcher was arrested in American Samoa after escaping from jail in Vava'u and sailing to Pago Pago in October.

His lawyer has rejected references to allegations of Mr Fletcher escaping from lawful custody.

A friend of the accused reportedly said Mr Fletcher worked for the US Army and was chased and imprisoned for injuring one of the American soldiers.

The judge said such a statement had no merit.

It is unclear as to when the federal court will issue a decision.


Photo: Tauva Esera Dean Jay Fletcher taking a nap after arriving from Tonga in Pago Pago