She Leads Fale Alea 'O Tonga 2021 launched in Tonga

To mark and celebrate International Day of the Girl, the official opening of She Leads Fale Alea 'O Tonga 2021 is taking place today on the 11th October 2021.

She Leads Fale Alea ‘O Tonga is Take The Leads’ annual female-youth-led programme with the mission to increase the representation and leadership of women in politics.

In partnership with Fale Alea ‘O Tonga this is the only leadership programme of its kind in the Kingdom, created by young women, for young women.

The programme looks to harness the political leadership potential of young females by educating them on political subjects such as democracy, good governance, the roles and functions of government, parliament and its members through training, mentorship and a practice parliament.

The programme allows young women and girls the unique opportunity to represent their distinctive views in a parliamentary setting to national leaders.

This years’ She Leads Fale Alea ‘O Tonga will be the fourth of this special event.

The She Leads Fale Alea ‘O Tonga 2021 Working Committee are delighted to announce that this year's programme has 2 reserved seats for Take The Leads’ partners for positive change, Tonga Leitis Association.

The essence of the programme is inclusion, and the Working Committee is pleased to extend that opportunity to Tonga’s marginalized and vulnerable groups to ensure that nobody is left behind.

She Leads Fale Alea ‘O Tonga commenced on Monday, 4 October and concludes on Thursday 14 October.  

The programme runs for two weeks and comprises two parts: Week 1 consists of Training for the 30 successful applicants, and week 2 consists of the Practice Parliament where participants will be debating on national issues.

She Leads Fale Alea 'O Tonga participants will be debating on the following topics:

  1. Female Economic Empowerment, specifically looking at the Money Lending Act
  2. Climate Change Resilience, specifically looking at the Building Control and Standards Act
  3. Illicit Drugs in Tonga, specifically looking at the Illicit Drug Control Act. She Leads Fale Alea ‘O Tonga 2021 is sponsored by UNFPA Asia and Pacific, Digicel, Bank of the South Pacific, Ms. Robina Nakao, Puloka Construction, Mr. David Wu, Adiloas Department Store, Cafe Escape, A&A Retailer, and Mr. Siutaka Siua.

Project timeline and activities  

Monday, 4 October - Saturday 9 October: She Leads Fale Alea Training, Mentorship and Participation in the National Symposium of Illicit Drugs

Monday, 11 October 2021: International Day of the Girl, and the launch of She Leads Fale Alea ‘O Tonga 2021 The first day of Practice Parliament sitting,

Topic 1 introduced and debated.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021 - Wednesday 13 October 2021: Practice Parliament sitting continues: Topic 2 & 3 introduced and debated

Thursday 14 October 2021: Day with Ministry of Health Certification ceremony of She Leads Fale Alea ‘O Tonga 2021


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