Tapuhia landfill in Tonga gets a facelift

The Tapuhia Student Tour Upgrades project has been successfully completed with funding of TOP$11,417 from the New Zealand High Commission Fund known as HEF.

The project was submitted by the Secretariat for the National Commission for a Clean Green Tonga in 2019.

It comprised clearing a lookout area at the Tapuhia landfill, building a new secure fence around the area for the safety of visitors, installing and replacing of infographic signs, building a seating area, and purchasing of high visibility vests and masks to be used by visitors when visiting the landfill.

The upgrade has given Tapuhia landfill in Tongatapu a facelift.

Lola Liava’a, the Manager Administration & Special Projects of Waste Authority Limited proudly said, “it looks so much better and more visitor friendly. It has motivated the staff to continue looking after the landfill and ensure that it is clean and safe at all times”.

The upgrades will greatly enhance the education initiatives by Clean Green Tonga to reach students and inform them about environmental issues and Tonga’s disposal process.

The activity is looking to continue creating a safe space for not only students but visitors in general to the landfill.

The New Zealand High Commission Fund supports small scale and short-term community based projects to reduce poverty and contribute to a more secure and prosperous world.


Photo NZ High Commission/Facebook  Caption: Tapuhia Landfill