Three Tongans arrested in Sydney after immigration raid

Three Tongans were arrested today in Merrylands, Western Sydney, Australia following an immigration enforcement raid.

One of the trio was later released while the other two were still in detention.

They were arrested while sleeping in a garage.

A person at the residence told Kaniva News they were awaken at 5am this morning  by immigration enforcement officers surrounding their house and forcing everyone to show their IDs.

He said about 30 officers were at the scene.

He said they hoped the duo could be released on bail.

“I suspect someone or some people probably Tongans have reported to Immigration that people staying here were committing immigration offences”, the man, who wished not to be identified, said.

When asked how he came up with that idea he said: “They had a warrant to search so obviously someone told on them”.

He said normally in arrests like this the suspects were taken to the city to be processed before they were taken to Villa Wood Detention centre.