Tonga’s Environment Department monitors four turtles from Fangaloto

The Department of Environment Tonga is currently monitoring four turtles in Fangaloto.

Communications Officer, Iliesa Tora said, “Efforts being made to save the turtles and ensure they are ready for the return to their natural habitat.”

There is concern about the state of the lagoon after a member of the public posted photos of dead and sick turtles on social media yesterday (Wednesday).

Tora confirmed that a team from the Environment Department visited the site and collected water samples to be tested.

Four turtles are left in the lake opposite the New Zealand High Commission residence in Fangaloto.

According to Tora, 20 turtles have been released and one died yesterday.

The public has also been urged to be mindful of their rubbish.

“Rubbish was seen around the lake and people are asked to please put rubbish in the bins,” Tora said on the department’s social media platform.


Photo Iliesa Tora/Environment Tonga/Facebook