Tonga’s Ministry of Fisheries proceeds with NIWA Project agreed actions

The Ministry of Fisheries is following up on agreed actions from the last New Zealand Institute of Water & Atmospheric Project Management meeting.

The ministry is focused on mapping out plans for a way forward as the project will end in June.

The first meeting for the NIWA project for 2021 was held virtually on 9 February 2021 at the Ministry of Fisheries.

The NIWA Project is funded by the New Zealand Government, aiming for the management and development of the Deepwater snapper fisheries.

The CEO for Fisheries, Dr. Tu’ikolongahau Halafihi highlighted the importance to implement all planned activities before the end of this project.

The meeting focused on important matters, including the review of the Strategic Plan for the NFC, updates from the performance of this fishery (landings), progress on fishing and marketing of squids, ordering of squid fishing gears, R-Training and development of an economic model for the fishery.

Representatives from the NIWA, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, National Fisheries Council and the Tonga Ministry of Fisheries also attended the meeting.