Tonga’s Princess Fusipala Hospital receives new vehicle

A new vehicle has been handed over to the Princess Fusipala Hospital in Ha’apai to assist with the transportation of medical staff.

The vehicle will transport medical staff between the new hospital and the old staff quarter still at the Niu’ui compound and assist with the general transportation requirement of the hospital.

Minister for MEIDECC, Poasi M. Tei presented the vehicle to the Minister of Health, Amelia Tu’ipulotu Tuesday.

The handover marked the delivery of last Output and the overall completion of the Climate Resilience Sector Project (CRSP) that began its implementation in October 2014.

CRSP was funded by a US $23.13m Grant Agreement between the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Tonga – under which ADB granted US $19.75m and Government of Tonga’s contributed US $3.88m equivalent in counter-financing – to deliver 5 different major Outputs – that would increase Tonga’s resilience in socio-economic and natural ecosystems to climate variability and change, and disaster risk.

The overall outcome of the Project is to strengthen the enabling environment for climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction at national and local levels. 


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