Tonga’s Speaker of the House agrees to withdraw six bills

The Tonga Parliament’s Speaker of the House, Lord Fakafanua has agreed to withdraw six bills.

This follows a request letter written by the Prime Minister, Dr Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa, to withdraw the six bills tabled by the former government.

Dr Tu’i’onetoa and four of the 12 current Cabinet members were part of the previous Cabinet that tabled the bills.

He pointed out that the intention of the Bills was to diminish the authority of His Majesty and the Nobles.

However, Cabinet is now convinced that they could develop the country under the current structure.

The Speaker accepted the request that was put forward by the Prime Minister.

The six Bills that the Speaker agreed to withdraw from the working agenda of the House are:

Act of Constitution of Tonga (Amendment) Bill 2019

Act of Constitution of Tonga (Amendment No. 2) Bill 2019

Tonga Police (Amendment) Bill 2019

Magistrate’s Court (Amendment) Bill 2019

Judicial and Legal Service Commission Bill 2019

National Spatial Planning and Management (Amendment) Bill 2019.