Tonga celebrates Tax Week

Tonga’s Prime Minister, Dr Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa has launched a Tax Week under a theme ‘Let us be resilient in our voyage for Tonga’, on Monday.

He spoke at the annual event at the Taufa’ahau Domestic Wharf and called for the Ministry staff to carry out their work responsibly, work together and form a partnership with tax payers and the people of Tonga to build Tonga.

The event included performances by school students and employees from the Ministry of Revenue and Customs.

The Ministry of Revenue and Customs is running competitions (poem, quiz, short video and jingle) for the public and schools as part of the Tax Week.

The competitions have a range of topics to promote awareness on the importance of taxation, the Ministry's services, and Customs-Trade facilitation.

This is the fourth year of the Tax Week programme. It runs from 21-27 September.