Tonga Competent Authority increases petrol, kerosene and LPG prices

Consumers in Tonga will be paying more for petrol, kerosene and diesel products from tomorrow (Thursday).

The new wholesale price for petrol will increase by 14.17 seniti per litre.

Kerosene will cost 12.96 seniti per litre and the price of diesel will increase by 14.42 seniti per litre.

The new retail prices for petrol, kerosene, and diesel on Tongatapu will be 279.52, 178.27, and 277.29 seniti/litre respectively.

The new prices were authorized by Tonga Competent Authority.

All product prices increased with crude on a month-to-month comparison, with petrol and diesel rising slightly more due to the impact of US extreme weather closing refineries, which has tightened supply.

LPG price

TCA has also approved the new LPG price which comes into effect tomorrow (Thursday).

The LPG price has increased in Tongatapu and Vava’u by .42 seniti/kg and .41 seniti/kg respectively.

The increase in LPG price for this quarter is due to the increase of international price.