Tonga Parliament withdraws 16 Bills

The Parliament session in Tonga went into recess again Monday after the Prime Minister Dr Pohiva Tu’i'onetoa's withdrew 16 Bills.

Only two of the 18 Bills have been passed.

The House passed the Income Tax Bill 2020 and the Consumption Tax 2020 Bill.

The Speaker, Lord Fakafanua deferred the proceeding of the House until Monday 21 September, in response to the Prime Minister’s withdrawal of the other 16 Bills for Cabinet to “have another look at bills 5.1 to 5.16.”

Lord Fakafanua announced that was all they had on their Working Agenda for the day.

The House also passed a motion by the Prime Minister to amend Clause 125 of the Rules of Procedure and Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga to enable a Cabinet Minister to submit a Private Bill to the House, after a second opinion was tabled into the House from a former Attorney General, Neil Adsett Monday.

The Prime Minister’s motion was passed with a majority of 20-0.

The Parliament session had resumed last week Saturday for two days after it took an 11 week break from mid-June until 8 September to consider 18 new bills and to allow Members of Parliament to go out on their constituency tours.