Tonga police arrest 32 people over drug offences

The Tonga Police Drugs Enforcement Taskforce made 32 arrests over the Christmas holiday period between 20-29 December 2021, at various locations on Tongatapu.

A total of 30.48 grams of methamphetamine, 72.74 grams of cannabis, 3.11 grams of cocaine, drugs utensils, and over $7,000 cash were seized during the arrests.

Detective Acting Deputy Commissioner, Halatoa Taufa, told Matangi Tonga online that two of the arrests included two male prisoners at Hu'atolitoli Prison found with 1.74 grams of meth and 3.11 grams of cocaine.

The other arrests were made in various locations around Tongatapu including Tofoa, 'Anana, Fanga, Veitongo, Tu'atakilangi, Folaha, Kolonga, Ha'akame, Nukunuku and Tatakamotonga.

Those arrested have been charged with a variety of offences including possession of illicit drugs, possession of drugs utensils, and disposing of illicit drugs.

All 32 are pending court appearances early in 2022, when their names will be called.