Tonga Police ensure children’s safety after strangers reportedly attempted to lure children

Police officers have been visiting schools on Tongatapu to reassure principals and teachers of the Tonga Police ongoing support to ensure the safety of children.

Tonga Police have assured that there will be increased visibility and visits at targeted times to and around schools.

There have been several complaints from concerned parents and citizens about incidents of suspicious males who tried to lure young children into their vehicles.

Last Friday, a class 2 minor was approached by a male stranger, trying to convince the child to get into his vehicle.

Police said an adult who knew the child was nearby, and prevented any unwanted result from the situation.

Principals and teachers have also been encouraged to share with Police anything that comes to their attention that would likely place their young students’ lives and safety at risk.

Some safety measures proposed for schools and parents include:

1. Remind children NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS and not to accept anything offered by anyone other than their parents, family members, or teacher.

2. Pick up your child on time and share a list of those that can pick up your child with the school.

3. Parents to provide lunches for their children to prevent children from leaving the school compound.

4. School gates to be locked during school hours.

5. Have a designated location, that can be easily monitored, for drop off and pick up.

6. A teacher must accompany students while waiting for pick-up at the end of school.

7. Alert Police should you or the child feel unsafe.

If any member of the public has any information to share with Police in relation to this issue, they are urged to contact Police on 922 or 740-1625.


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