Tonga repatriation flights to resume

The government is planning to continue repatriating Tongans stranded overseas with several flights expected this month.

A flight with about 280 passengers from Auckland, New Zealand is expected to arrive on 14 January.

That flight is expected to include 21 people from Samoa who will be repatriated separately on the same day on a Lulutai Airlines flight.

According to a government statement, a charter flight will arrive from Sydney Australia on 22 January  to fly out 152 seasonal workers back to Australia.

In his New Year’s address, Prime Minister Pohiva Tu’i’oneatoa said more than 5000 Tongans are stranded overseas including about 1475 Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme (RSE) workers in New Zealand.

The Tongan government said recently it had to give a fair chance for all Tongans to return to Tonga.



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