Tonga school students trial classes under lockdown

All students in Tonga were on home-school mode today as part of a trial.

The Ministry of Education and Training organised a one-day trial for students from Early Childhood Education, Classes 1-6, Forms 1-7 and Tertiary level.

The trial has been set up in case there is an imminent school closure should COVID19 reach Tonga.

Teaching materials and lessons were delivered using a variety of platforms including internet, radio, TV and paper based distance education, as well as blended (using more than one platform).

Students were issued with a timetable of learning guides and instructions for the day and the Ministry requested that at least one parent or guardian be at home to overlook and administer the trial program and ensure students followed their school work.

Students and parents or guardians have been urged to provide feedback after the home school trial, to help the Ministry make improvements to the delivery.


Josephine Navula