Tonga sets aside $12 million pa’anga worth of road construction contracts from national budget

Three companies have been announced to construct roads throughout Tonga.

The government stated that the companies had won $12 million pa’anga worth of road construction contracts, to construct 2100 kilometres of tar-sealed roads. However, it has stopped short of naming the three companies.

The National budget for 2020-2021 was tabled in Parliament by the Finance minister, Tevita Lavemaau, on Monday last week.

Tonga’s Prime Minister, Pōhiva Tuʻiʻonetoa assured the House that only these three companies could build and tar-seal the 2100km roads for Tonga, and they also offered that if government can’t pay them on time, they wouldl finish the job and government could pay them four or five years later.

Mr Lavemaau said that government could not release the names of the companies. He assured the House that there was no risk for government; the risk is for these companies ’if government doesn’t keep their words.”

The other issues that were raised by members relating to the national Budget were overshadowed by the government’s big roads project.

Mr Lavemaau, responded that the loan is about $12m, but he did not think it was wise for Government to reveal the names of the three companies.

While the House was still in Legislature the Speaker, Lord Fakafanua, allowed the Chairman of the House’s Standing committee on Fisheries and Agriculture, Semisi Fakahau to present a committee report to the House.

The Committee had prepared a working programme for Government in case COVID-19 arrives in Tonga.

Tonga has set aside $15 million to prepare to counter the COVID-19.



Josephine Navula