Tongan family overwhelmed by community support for stabbing victim

The family of a Tongan man who was allegedly stabbed at a train station in Melbourne, Australia have thanked relatives and friends for the “overwhelming community support” they have received.

Kalakaua Fungavaka, who is also known as Kaua was rushed to Royal Melbourne hospital in what the family described as a stabbing incident as Fungavaka got off the train from work.

According to Kaniva News, the details of the incident are still unknown.

Fungavaka’s family is grateful for those who sent support and encouragement for him while he is in hospital.

“They have read every comment and was overwhelmed by all the love they both appreciate you all”, said a post on Facebook by one of the family.

“Kaua is showing some signs of improvement (moving his fingers and tried opening his eyes as of last night but is still in critical condition.

“He has another surgery this morning so I please ask that we continue to lift Kaua up in prayers.

“Kaua keep fighting because you have your sons who you adore with all your life waiting for their Dad to wake up.

“God works in mysterious ways Amen when God is put in the center of your life he will make a way for things to come alight for the truth to be told. Nothing is impossible when you put God first”.