Tongan fan goes flying from car during protest

Footage from a protest in downtown Auckland shows a Tongan rugby league fan falling heavily from the front bonnet of a car as it whizzes down Queen St.

Demonstrations went into a third day on Monday after Mate Ma'a Tonga lost their semi-final game against England at the Rugby League World Cup on Saturday night.

The side's 20-18 defeat came after a controversial call in the match's dying moments, when Australian referee Matt Cecchin ruled a knock-on without consulting a video replay.

But while most Tongan fans have been protesting the contentious call peacefully, others have used it as an excuse for reckless behaviour, as evidenced in the video.

The footage shows a fan holding a Tongan flag lying on the front of a car as it passes through the intersection of Queen St and Victoria St at some speed.

However the vehicle is then forced to brake - and when it does, the person lying on the car's bonnet careens off at pace before tumbling violently onto the tarmac.

"I don't understand what this is meant to achieve?" the person who posted the video on Reddit wrote. "F**king ridiculous."

Despite the violent fall, the fan can then be seen raising his hands in celebration, drawing a wave from a fellow Tongan supporter standing on the pavement before limping off the busy road.

There have been three protests in as many days since the game, and it is not known if another can be expected on Tuesday.