Tongan man accused of ‘Utulei nightclub murder pleads not guilty

A 20-year-old man has denied killing another man outside ‘Utulei nightclub.

Tevita Kātoa of Ma’ufanga is alleged to have killed Pita ‘Aipolo in 23 August 2018.  

He has pleaded not guilty to his charges of murder, manslaughter and causing grievous bodily harm, the Kele’a newspaper has reported.

‘Aipolo was rushed to hospital where he died from his injuries, one month later.  

The court was told the incident occurred after the accused was denied entry into the nightclub because he was too drunk.

A security guard at the bar told the court he saw Kātoa allegedly beating the deceased.

He alleged Kātoa told him that he wanted to beat the deceased.

Police reportedly arrested Kātoa two days after the incident.

Kātoa’s legal counsel said his client has rejected the allegations that he killed ‘Aipolo, the paper said.

Justice Charles Cato is expected to direct a jury to commence deliberating a verdict.