Tongan media head expects local issues to trump national

The chair of Tonga's Media Council says he expects local constituency issues to decide the election, rather than national ones.

Campaigning has now ended as people prepare to vote tomorrow.

Pesi Fonua said overnight, candidate floats filled the nation's roads in an effort to make use of every last opportunity to push for support.

Fonua said candidates had been much more visible than past elections.

But he said the issues remain very much localised when it comes to what the electorate is interested in.

Fonua said issues like the economy and unemployment are not big in most people's minds.

"It's in there but it's almost on the sideline. They are more or less looking at their urgent needs like to have good water or good roads or street lights. That's what comes out. The more [national] serious issues of employment and things like that, seem to be on the next page," he said.