Tongan students participate in cyber bullying awareness

Tongan students are now part of a movement to stop cyber bullying.

A group of secondary school students took part in a ‘Stop, Block & Tell’ programme which developed one-minute videos for television and raise awareness on cyberbullying.

The programme which hopes to create a coordinated national approach against cyberbullying is an initiative by Talitha Project.

Partners are Tonga Cyber Safety Working Group under Tonga Cyber Emergency Response Team, Tonga Police, Digicel and other stakeholders. 

Students from Tonga High School, Takuilau College, St Andrews and 'Apifo'ou College each produced videos with powerful messages.

The videos will be aired for free on Digi TV starting on 4 August for five-months.

The programme funded by PACMAS, Pacific Women, Australian Aid, UN Women and Digicel was launched on 31 July at the Top Restaurant.