Tongan web series 'Brutal Lives' to be out on the internet next month

A Tongan web drama series about love and redemption will be released on the internet next month.

The 6 part series ‘Brutal Lives’ is about a Tongan father who returns to New Zealand after years overseas, and has a hard time trying to cope with himself and his family.

Actor Sesilia Pusiaki was emotional about her experience making the series.

“Being able to see Tongans in every aspect of the journey of this web series was extra special for me.

I’m very humble and blessed to be a part of this series.”

Albert Heimuli plays the role of Soane Valu as a messenger.

He said he grew up being teased about wanting to be an actor someday and glad to see this series marked his debut as an actor.

“My brother used to laugh when i told him i wanted to be an actor. Now his two sons are studying to be actors.”

Heimuli hopes this is a stepping stone to something bigger in the future.

‘Ilaisaane Vaupulu Green who plays being a daughter in the series said she wants to pursue more in the future.

“I would like to see myself more on screen and in theatre as well but with more Polynesian content that showcase polynesian content.

That’s where I wanna see myself in five years.”

The bilingual series of Tongan and English is finally out after 2 years in production.

Photo/Vela Manusaute Caption: Lupe Valu character is played by 'Ilaisaane Vaiupulu Green