Tongans in Brisbane lead search for rare blood type donors

Three Polynesians based in Australia are in need of a rare blood type and Brisbane's Tongan community has stepped in to help.

Jk-Null is an extremely rare antigen, it predominately found in Tongan, Samoan, and Niuean blood donors.

Paseifika TV and radio broadcaster Sulieni Layt is fronting a campaign to drum up blood donors.

"Our target is to have at least 30 donors based in Brisbane... at the moment we are short two," he said.

Despite the campaign being focused in Brisbane Mr Layt said that people from across the country have reached out wanting to donate.

"Tongans in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales... and we've been referring them to their nearest clinics," he said.

The campaign will culminate on September 25th with a livestream of donors donating together.