Traders warned against increasing sugar prices due to shortage

The Tonga Competent Authority is warning businesses not to increase the price of sugar as the kingdom faces a shortage in supplies.

The authority said the main reason for the shortage in sugar is that supplies from Fiji have been temporarily halted due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in Fiji.

“Although there is a shortage of sugar in the market, businesses do not have the right to take advantage of this situation to spike prices,” the authority said.

“Sugar prices are still very much controlled by the Competent Authority under the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development.”

“Neither are businesses allowed to practice "conditional buying" where consumers are required to only buy sugar if they buy another product.”

The Ministry warned that it will take action against such acts by businesses.

Urban retail maximum prices

  • TBU - $2.25
  • HP - $2.40
  • VV - $2.45
  • EUA - $2.35

Rural retail maximum prices

  • TBU - $2.30
  • HP - $2.50
  • VV - $2.50
  • EU - $2.40