Two Tropical Cyclones predicted to cross Tonga waters

At least two tropical cyclones are predicted to cross Tonga waters during the 2021-2022 cyclone season.

 According to the Tonga Meteorology Services, there is a higher risk of Tongatapu and ‘Eua being affected by a tropical cyclone than other parts of the kingdom.

The cyclones are expected to mostly come from the West and North-West or from the direction of Fiji and the rest from the North, East, and North-East.

Tonga Met said the 2021-2022 Tropical Cyclone Season is likely to be largely influenced by La Nina conditions, which may bring above average rainfall to all of Tonga.

For the South West Pacific Region, around five to 10 named tropical cyclones are expected with up to three reaching Category 3 to 5.

Current dynamics indicated that the First Tropical Cyclone activity for this season in the South West Pacific region could start from around early to mid-December 2021.

The official 2021 / 2022 TC Season will begin on 1 November 2021 and end on 30 April 2022.