Vaiola Hospital Visitor’s Board achieves 2016 target

The Vaiola Hospital Board of Visitors has exceeded its target of TOP$50,000.00 from its funding campaign for 2016.

The Board has collected just over TOP$ 59,000.00 to date, says Lupe Ha’amoa ‘Ilaiu of the Board’s financial committee.

Radio Tonga reports the fund will be allocated to urgent needs such as equipment and facilities required by health authorities for the treatment of patients.

Meanwhile the Board presented Christmas presents to the current ward patients at Vaiola Hospital in Nuku’alofa.

It is the initiative of the Patron of the Board – Her Majesty Queen Nanasipau’u to mark the Christmas season.

The presents are for children at the Pediatric Ward all the way to those at the Psychology Department.

The Christmas presents include shampoo, baby powder, baby oil and other items.

The program started with a prayer led by the Chairman of the Board Lord Matoto of Tu’anekivale.

More than 100 Christmas gifts worth about TOP$2000 were presented today.