Vava’u residents baffled by accident involving road roller

Vava’u residents in are asking why the Ministry of Infrastructure did not use an experienced local driver to operate the road roller which went into the sea earlier this week.

Kaniva News reported that the road roller overturned and fell into the sea at Vaipua Bridge in Neiafu Wednesday morning.

The driver was unharmed.

Questions have emerged about whether the driver, who was sent from Tongatapu by the Ministry to operate the road roller, was familiar with the area’s steep roads.

Neiafu Town Officer Vāvā Lapota said there were also allegations the roller’s brakes were unsafe.

He said about nine Ministry employees, including the driver, arrived from Tongatapu on Tuesday.

Lapota said he was surprised when he found out the roller went to Kauvai Talau through the Vaipua bridge.

He said that route included a very steep street to Hihifo and if the driver was from Vava’u he would have taken the route through Leimātu’a and Tefisi instead.

The Minister of Infrastructure has been contacted for comment.


Photo source Kaniva News