NRL slam door shut on fallen rugby star Israel Folau

Australian rugby league has slammed the door shut on former star Israel Folau after his huge contract with rugby was officially terminated.

Folau has decided against appealing Rugby Australia sacking him over his homophobic social media post though he hinted he wanted to continue as an athlete.

A route back to league where he started his stunning multi-code career has been largely dismissed and Australian Rugby League Commission chairman Peter Beattie dashed any faint hopes of that in a damning fresh statement on Folau.

When it was suggested that Folau hadn't been fined or suspended by rugby and there was a technical opening for him to switch back to league, Beattie hit back.

"No, that doesn't change anything for us," Beattie told The Australian. "We've got an inclusiveness test. Besides, the guy walked out on rugby league and went to Aussie rules and then to rugby union. Why the hell would we roll out the red carpet?"

Beattie didn't believe there was any way an NRL club could get Folau in through the back door.

"It wouldn't go down at all because we have to register players. He is not registered to play rugby league and if he's not registered, no club could pick him up," he said.

Folau faces an uncertain future because of the toxic nature of his situation where his strong beliefs have proven divisive.

Rugby in France or Japan appear options though, again, he is likely to be held accountable to any controversial social media posts.