Alo Ngata

Alo Ngata’s friends speak highly of him

Alo Ngata, 29, died in Auckland Hospital three days after a fracas with police as they tried to arrest him following an incident on Sunday afternoon in Freemans Bay.

Police allege Ngata violently attacked a 76-year-old, kicking him five or six times in the head and rendering him unconscious.

He then blocked police from getting to the injured pensioner and advanced on officers in a threatening manner.

Police Tasered Ngata several times but he continued to resist them.

It took four officers to restrain him.

Tongan community in shock after 'fiercely loyal' man dies after being tasered

Alo Ngata, 29, died in police custody on Wednesday morning after an altercation in the central suburb of Freemans Bay on Sunday.

Police tasered and restrained him after witnessing him attacking an elderly man, Superintendent Karyn Malthus said.

The friend, who did not wish to be named, met Ngata when the pair were studying at Tangaroa College in Ōtara.

He described the 29-year-old as "fiercely loyal" and coming from a large family.

"I saw him just a couple of months ago in town and he was still just the same humble as guy I knew in school."