Rihanna's YouTube record beaten... by an animated chicken

And the new record holder is Galinha Pintadinha, which translates from Portguegese as 'Little Dappled Chicken', although she is better known as Lottie Dottie Chicken.

The animated Brazilian children's music videos have been translated into Spanish and English and 30 videos have now hit the 100m benchmark.

Rihanna is in second with 29 and Taylor Swift in third with 27, with Justin Bieber (25) and Katy Perry (20) rounding out the top five.


Rihanna: 'Transgender people aren't a marketing tool'

The singer was asked by a fan to consider using a trans woman to promote her Fenty Beauty make-up range.

"I've had the pleasure of working with many gifted trans women over the years," she replied, "but I don't go around doing trans castings!"

"I respect all women. Whether they're trans or not is none of my business."

The star went on to criticise firms who hire models from minority groups as a "token" gesture.

"I don't think it's fair that a trans woman, or man, be used as a convenient marketing tool," she said.

Nina Nesbitt returns with Rihanna's backing

It's after Nina's song got sent to the star's management, who said they loved what she'd written.

"Apparently she (Rihanna) said it was beautiful and it gave me a confidence boost. It made me think, 'Maybe I'm alright at this after all.'"

Nina is now back with her first full album in three years.

In that time she's changed record label and has spent a lot of time "hiding away in a little cave in a little studio" like a "gremlin".

Rihanna's Crop Over costume goes viral

The 29-year-old had teased fans by uploading photos of her new turquoise hair on Instagram over the weekend.

But the look was completed on Monday as she stepped out in a jewel-encrusted costume with green and pink feathers. (And not much else).

"We are not worthy," was one of many fan reactions on Twitter.

Rihanna is giving bikes to girls in Malawi to help their education

It's part of a new partnership between the singer's Clara Lionel Foundation and Chinese bike-sharing company Ofo.

The campaign called 1 Km Action will fund scholarships to help hundreds of girls attend secondary schools in Malawi.

Those who qualify for a scholarship will receive bikes to make sure they get to school.

According to the foundation, there are approximately 4.6 million students across Malawi but only 8% of students complete secondary school.

One of the reasons for that is because of the poor transport links.

Lupita Nyong'o on Rihanna buddy film

"You know what's really cool is that people spoke up about the kind of movie they wanna see and this is a great example," the Academy Award-winning actress told "Entertainment Tonight."

Rihanna takes on fat-shamers with the perfect meme

The singer took to Instagram on Monday with a meme that some followers are calling the "perfect" response to being called out for her apparent weight gain. Rapper Gucci Mane appears in two different body weights in a split photo with big block letters that says, "If you can't handle me at my 2007 Gucci Mane you don't deserve me at my 2017 Gucci Mane."

Mic drop.

Thousands of her fans began leaving comments under the photo, which has been liked over 624,000 times as of Tuesday morning.

One comment read: "Yasss baby!!! Well said!"

See Rihanna’s latest response to body shamers

After some unflattering photos of the bad gal surfaced online, a few internet trolls started commenting that the 29-year-old had gained some weight. But nothing gets by RiRi, of course, who took it upon herself to perfectly respond to the body-shaming commentary.

Azealia Banks sets her sights on Rihanna in latest feud

The rapper ignited a social media battle with Rihanna after she tweeted her opposition to President Donald Trump's temporary ban of immigrants from seven predominately Muslim countries.

"Disgusted," Rihanna tweeted. "The news is devastating! America is being ruined right before our eyes! What an immoral pig you have to be to implement such BS!!"

Banks then took to Instagram on Sunday to slam Rihanna in a series of expletive-filled posts -- eventually posting what she claimed was Rihanna's phone number.

Guo Pei: The Chinese master couturier behind Rihanna's most daring look

Most notably, it marked the opening of the Costume Institute's "China: Through the Looking Glass" exhibition, which went on to become the Metropolitan Museum of Art's fifth most-visited show of all time.

But it was also the moment Rihanna wore an elaborately embroidered, fur-trimmed creation designed by couturier Guo Pei on the red carpet, introducing the Chinese designer to a global audience.