Solwara 1 project

Advocates say ‘game over’ to Nautilus

Advocates say Nautilus’ aspirations to be the world’s first deep sea miner sink to the bottom of the ocean after MDL Energy’s purchase.

Dr. Helen Rosenbaum, of the Deep Sea Mining Campaign, said: “Nautilus’ Production Support Vessel (PSV) was the centre piece of their model of operation. Without the PSV it’s difficult to see Nautilus ever developing its Solwara 1 project. 

Nautilus SPV launched

The company announced on Thursday that the SPV was launched at the Mawei Shipyard in China where it had been under construction.

Nautilus CEO, Mike Johnston, called the launch a significant milestone for the company and the deep water sea floor mining industry.

“Mawei Yard has designed and built the world’s first deep sea mining production support vessel in cooperation with Nautilus and Marine Assets Corporation. This has involved much discussion, thought and innovation, to produce this magnificent vessel,” said Johnston.